Why knitting?

I have to say that the real reason that got me looped into knitting was simply…color.

At first, I guess knitting was a way to connect with my new friends in the Albany, NY Area. But I have to say that color is the main reason that the hobby has really stuck with me. Colors do so many things. They can make you happy. They can remind you of someone or someplace you know. Colors can make you feel sad or even mad. We take being able to see in a range of colors for granted and what colors can do for our experience as human beings.

Secondly, I think the broad spectrum of kinds of stitches and patterns that one can make with a silly little strand(s) of yarn is amazing. The finished objects that people make are almost magical. I often ask myself how those people make the things they make. From sweaters (or jumpers for our international folks) to hats to sock to stuffed animals, there is no end to the possibilities. Patterns are being created everyday by so many people from all walks of life.

Thirdly, the knitting community itself is a close “knit” (pun intended) group of amazing human beings. When you often think of knitting, you probably have an image of a grandmother or an older female person with knitting needles in a rocking chair. But knitters are all ages, all races, all genders, all non-binary folk that come from so many different countries and cultures. I have found a tribe of people that are kind, willing to share, willing to teach, willing to be a friend because we share something that is so beautiful that it breaks the boundaries and the walls we create that separate us from seeing another person.

I stand in awe of the black magic that is knitting. I am in awe and respect the knitting community, both online and offline. From sheering the wool from the sheep or other animals to the finished knitted object, knitting is so wonderous. I look down at a hat I have made and can’t help feel amazed at myself. I’ve acquired a skill that made a hat! I’ve acquired a life skill! Some folks would say it’s a post-apocalyptic skill even!

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