Wednesday is for Wodan- Poetry Corner.

The Journey of Breath

by James Moore-Hodur

Óðinn is breath.

The All-Father is the very air that fills your lungs.

He is the wind.

He is everywhere wandering like the breeze through the new autumn leaves.

Óðinn wanders on…

He is in the roaring scream!

He is in the Galdr Chant.

He is the speech among kinsmen.

He walks among us as we are reflections of Yggdrasil itself.

Óðinn wanders on…

Breath connects all life.

Breath makes peace.

Breath makes love.

Breath makes war.

Breath sings a Rune’s true song.

Breath tells lies.

Breath whispers secrets.

The absence of breath brings death and destruction.

Breath brings poetry to life.

Breath connects us all.

Óðinn wanders on…

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