What is Victory?

By James Moore Hodur


“Valfather, what is victory?”


“What does victory mean for you?

The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines victory as the overcoming of an enemy or antagonist. It also defines it as the achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties.


“But is that it?”

“What do you think?”


Victory is:

• Defeating an enemy.

• Overcoming an obstacle.

• Paying your bills each month.

• Providing food for yourself and your family.

• Taking care yourself.

• Taking care of your family.

• Waking up every morning.

• Battling your inner demons everyday- win or lose.

• Going to work each day no matter how you feel

• Finding cures to diseases

• Science over misinformation.

• Good defeating evil.

• Equality for everyone regardless of race, color, sex, sexual identity, gender expression/non-expression.

• When Black lives matter

• When Transgender lives matter

• When a bigot/racist/hateful person realizes his or her wrongs.

• When this country and the world wake up from hate and violence

• When Love Trumps Hate

• Having friends to share the good times and the bad.

• Having a family that loves you.

• Leaving an abusive spouse or parent or authority figure.

• When justice prevails

• When those that are sworn to protect you, do their job.

• When guns are not the answer.

• When those people who have murdered, raped, or done a crime upon others for whatever reason receive their true and just punishment.

• When committing a crime is not the answer anymore.

• When we are all educated.

• When we are all given the same opportunities in life.

• When we heed the wisdom of wiser men and women.

• When the need for conflict is never a need again.

• When this pandemic is at its end.

• When reason and common sense are common again.

• Life.

• Love

• You

• Me


“But is that it, Valfather?”

“What do you think? It’s all that and much, much more.”

“You’re learning. Keep going!”


….So what is victory to all of you??

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